Martin Brodel

My Goal and Mission is to truthfully:


  • Report

  • Educate 

  • Explain

  • and Expose


my Viewers and Followers to the world of politics and, while doing so, make it fun and interesting. 


There are over 50,000,000 true Constitutional Patriots, in this country who are God, Bible, and Gun loving men and women, who are sick and tired of watching our country, and world, being taken over by the corrupt politicians, not only in Washington, DC, but around the globe. As Hungarian PM, Viktor Orban recently stated, the West is being destroyed by three major factions:  


  • Leftist

  • Globalist


The only reason, that today, we still retain the freedoms we have left, is because of our 2nd Amendment. That, coupled with the fact that we have the largest Civilian Army on the planet. The revocation of our 2nd Amendment Rights will immediately turn our country into what the Globalist intended it to be, the largest enslaved country in the world. They will continue to steal all of our resources, eradicate our freedoms, as well as, the right to worship. All of the precious rights that our Founding Fathers gave us in that precious document. Our 2nd Amendment was put into place, by our Founding Fathers, exactly for that reason…. in case our Government ever gets out of control. It is, and has been, out of control for many many decades. It is time to take our country back and…


“Make America Great Again”

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